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How To Have Healthy Skin This Summer

Summer is here! With a majority of days being spent outside, we’ve been reminded that we are definitely summer people and proud of it. There are so many benefits to boast about with summer, but there are still some unfavorable aspects to the hot weather and hot sun. It is no surprise that the sun can be damaging to skin over time, but there are some things that not everyone knows about summertime harm to the skin. Here are just a few to be aware of as summer approaches:

  • Moisture
  • Unashamedly so, people sweat more in the summertime. Usually seen as a negative thing, sweating out toxins is actually necessary for our body to breathe. Now, just because your skin might feel moisturized from humidity in the air or sweat, that doesn’t mean that it is correctly moisturized. Using a natural and non-toxic moisturizer on your skin, daily, is absolutely vital to rejuvenating your skin.

  • Vitamin Intake
  • It is never easier than in summertime for your skin to naturally intake beneficial vitamins from the earth. The sun is giving off Vitamin D. Fresh fruits, packed with Vitamin C, are more available than ever. But we can easily lose the benefits of some key vitamins unless we implement them in our daily routines..

    Vitamin E is helpful in the repair of rough or dry skin. Adding more nuts and spinach into your diet can increase your intake of E vitamins. The use of a serum or cream enriched with vitamin E, nuts, or vegetables can help you achieve smooth and strong skin.

    Vitamin B3 can help reduce redness to skin. Because sunburns are very real, the intake of B3 can heal inflammation, redness, and help with healthy skin formation. Outside of skin care it is extremely healthy for diabetics and helps maintain cholesterol levels. Naturally, it is found in salmon, tuna, mushrooms, various seeds, and other meats.

  • Hydration
  • Did you know that skin is actually an organ? And because this organ shields the rest of our body from outside harms, hydrating it is extremely necessary in keeping it intact and healthy. One of the key components of healthy skin is the collagen production, which is easy to lose over time with aging. Keeping hydrated not only keeps your skin strong and intact, but helps produce collagen and other important cells. Making sure to drink water throughout the day is important, but keeping a humidifier on while you sleep can do wonders for your skin.

    Remember, maintaining your skin every day is much easier than trying to repair damage after the fact. If you can remember to stay away from toxins, moisturize daily, intentionally intake key vitamins, and stay hydrated, your skin will be happier, and healthier, than ever this summer!

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