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What is Micellar Water, and Why Should You Care?

With so many beauty trends popping up on an almost daily basis, it can be difficult to determine what’s hype and what’s legit. It’s likely that you’ve heard about micellar water by now, and if you’re confused as to what it is, what it does and whether it works, you’re not alone. Allow us to clear things up!

French women have long been beauty trailblazers, and they’ve been ahead of the curve for decades, coveting micellar water and including it in their daily beauty routines. Now, micellar water products seem to be popping up everywhere, gaining popularity on a global scale. That’s because the benefits of micellar water are pretty amazing. We’ll delve into that in a moment, but first, let’s answer the question we know you’re itching toto ask - what is micellar water?

While it may look like regular water, micellar water is so much more. It contains micelles, which are tiny oil molecules that possess a pretty incredible ability to draw out dirt, makeup, and any impurities in the skin. These micelles are suspended in water, creating the final micellar water product. What micellar water doesn’t do is strip your skin of moisture like many cleansers and traditional soaps can. Instead, it combats the nasties and leaves the good alone, leaving behind skin that is soft, hydrated and squeaky clean. The best micellar water is natural and gentle. It doesn’t dry skin out, nor will it break your skin's delicate lipid barrier.

Now that you know what micellar water is and what it does for your skin, you may be wondering how to use it. One of the many benefits of micellar water is that it’s quick and easy to use. Simply add your favourite micellar water to a cotton pad and apply gently to your face. That’s it! No rinsing required - no fuss, no muss. In just a couple of minutes, you’ll see and feel fresh, clean and hydrated skin.

To put it simply; micellar water is a skincare solution that offers many benefits for all  skin types. It cleanses, removes makeup and moisturizes in one step, and if you choose a natural formula without any added chemicals, micellar water really can transform your skin. With that in mind, micellar water ingredients are very important, and they vary from brand to brand. Unfortunately, there are a lot of micellar water products on the market that include ingredients like fragrance, which is bad news for your precious skin, particularly if your skin type is sensitive. When potentially unsafe chemicals are thrown into the mix, the benefits of micellar water actually decrease significantly.

It’s important to choose a simple, natural micellar with minimal yet effective ingredients. Purified water, natural preservatives and nourishing essential oils are excellent ingredients for the ideal micellar water experience.

There are many great natural micellar water products on the market.  However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that here at we have developed an AMAZING cleansing micellar water product.  Give it a try and if you’re not blown away with the results we will gladly refund your purchase.

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When you know what you’re looking for and you choose the right formula, micellar water just might  replace your cleanser, makeup remover and moisturizer.

Happy cleansing!

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