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About beMndful

We're beMndful (formerly inVitamin). A family-owned business focused on creating clean personal care products that are unique, affordable and 100% natural. We believe that what we put onto our bodies is just as important as what we put into them. That's why we source plant based ingredients that are EWG safe and certified cruelty-free. We're parents, so creating safe products is a top priority -- we don’t produce anything we wouldn’t use on ourselves or our children.

As our natural brand continues to grow, we're working diligently to bring our product line to a broader range of consumers throughout the US and abroad. To help accomplish this goal, we've taken a major step in transitioning our brand to give a newer, fresher and more targeted look and feel. The new brand -- "beMndful" -- will showcase the same great, pure products you've grown to love, with a fresh new look and feel.

The name beMndful represents the ongoing drive of improving our products, ingredients, sustainable packaging, and every aspect of our brand, every day. For our customers, beMndful is a way to improve lifestyle -- being mindful of body, mind, spirit, community and environment. Mindfulness is a key to tracking our goals and building the healthier life for which we all strive. Oh and we've included a discreet little shout out to our beloved home state of Minnesota (Mn). ;)

With greater consumer knowledge and a growing base of customers looking for products that match their concerns about health, nutrition, the environment, businesses are realizing the value of “natural” in today's marketplace. Many large, multinational corporations are quietly buying up smaller "natural" brands to add to their portfolios. For instance, Burt's Bees is owned by The Clorox Company, Tom's of Maine by Colgate Palmolive, and The Body Shop by L'Oreal. Of course this broadens the reach of natural products worldwide -- but conversely, these corporations may not uphold the original standards of their natural brands, and are more focused on profits vs purity. Because of this, the term "natural" in today's world has become diluted and difficult for the average consumer to quantify.

At beMndful, we're working to change this with our promise to you that we will never use harsh or harmful chemicals in our products. With a focus on healthy ingredients, you can always trust that our products are filled with the wholesome goodness you deserve. We will carefully research and detail every ingredient we use so you don't have to. Our ingredients will always be transparent, and we will always be here to answer your questions.

We're excited to share this news and hope you're eager to help us spread the word. The products we offer -- and will be offering under the beMndful brand -- are unique, natural and affordable, which will always be our promise to you.